Victims of Abuse



Here is another ebook by deb:  This one is on prophetic dance 


The rest of the ebooks by Deb can be found here .

* That would include The Walking Wounded and its workbook for women needing healing for abuse. 

* The Wounded Soldier and its workbook for men that have been traumatized or abused.

* Submission Through unconditional Love - the title says it all



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 I heard Josh Riebock speak in Sacramento, CA, even tho he lives in TX.

He is a mighty young man of God. Check out his bio here:




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  • "Pastor Deb Ling has done a masterful job of integrating various sciptures to illustrate from the Bible how she was healed from years of abuse by calling on God and scripture to ..."
    Henry Morris
    Mentor with a Servant's Heart