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Hello and welcome to my site. The Walking Wounded are those that have been spiritually wounded by something that happened in their life and were never healed by the Lord. That wound could have been caused by abuse or trauma. Both come in many packages. Abuse and trauma can come in from verbal, physical, emotional/mental, and sexual means. Most people understand the abuse angle but trauma? Trauma wounds can be caused by a death in the family, a divorce, an accident, any trauma can leave wounds in your spirit that the Lord would like to heal.


I do not believe you are here by accident. I believe you are here at the Holy Spirit’s bidding for a reason. That reason may be to help other Victims of Abuse or Trauma Victims by using this book, or to help yourself. Either way with the help of the Lord, may the healing begin!


I am an ex-abuse victim that has been healed through the Word of God. When the Lord took me through the steps to my healing, I documented the journey so it could be shared with others. That is how this book came to be.


I suffered for 21 years with migraines until I was shown they were caused by bitterness and unforgiveness. I had to forgive 12 perpetrators from my past. But when I did, my migraines were gone – instantly! It was worth it for me.


I have taught straight from this book in home study groups and seen women be set free from their past of being an abuse victim. It was not easy for any of us to face it and deal with it, but it definitely was worth it. The freedom that comes after going through this journey is very rewarding.


I do not believe it is any accident that you are reading this page. The Lord has brought you here in order to see you healed from your past. No matter how your pain was brought in, God is the Healer. He can work you through the healing of any abuse to be set free on the other side.


You are His precious white lamb. He loves you. He wants you healed. He wants you free. Are you ready to start on the journey? You can always have a sister from church help you go through it. Someone you trust or even the pastors wife.


If you are ready to begin, all you have to do is send your payment of $9.95 to my paypal and as soon as I receive confirmation that it is there I will send you the pdf file for you to download on your computer. My email is [email protected] which is also my paypal address. Send me an email as soon as you make the payment to alert me to watch for the payment as well so that your email will accept my response. That way we make sure it will not end up in your spam file : )


If you have questions also please feel free to write me,


In His Service



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